Gift Set for Tie Lovers! Three-color Tie Bar Set

Okay so I rarely use accoutrements with my neckties, but once in a while I do need to pin my tie to my shirt to keep it stable (and you never, ever puncture a good quality tie with a tack or pin). So, enter this here cool tie bar. It holds your neckwear in place at your chest but doesn’t stab it to death either. Continue reading “Gift Set for Tie Lovers! Three-color Tie Bar Set”

Get’em Hot Before They’re Gone: Lorenzo Cana Ties Selling Out Fast

There’s a particular brand of necktie called Lorenzo Cana which are very high quality ties – well made, very nice fabric, all that important stuff. Well, a lot of them are now on some sort of season-ending closeout and selling fast and cheap on Amazon.

While you can find some Lorenzo Cana ties rebranded as Paul Malone, not all styles are – and the really snazzy ones usually aren’t, or if they are they don’t last long. I’ve noted the two brands before.

Lorenzo Cana ties ship from Germany, so you pay $8.99 shipping – but they are hand-made in Italy of high quality silk. Shop around and find one or three you like and buy them because the styles don’t usually last more than a few months even at full price. I’ve been buying this brand for years and never seen them mark down so cheap. I’m assuming it’s some sort of style clear out or something. I bought this one.

Most of these high quality ties are marked down to $25.00. They list for anywhere from $100 to $300 on Amazon, and regularly get bid up to one or two hundred on eBay.

Lorenzo Cana ties are:

  • Hand-made
  • Ship fast from Germany (but US customers have to wait a bit longer)
  • 100% Italian silk
  • Jacquard woven (the pattern is well woven into the fabric)
  • Have a nice body to the fabric & structure. These ties work incredibly well for knots that need a thicker tie like the Trinity , Truelove, or Lin knot.

Check out more of the ties that currently available (no guarantee they still will be in a day or two):

Not all ties are going what you’d call cheap, but even the last one pictures above (which they list for $300) is marked down to $100. Check out all the styles and find one you like… and step on it to pick it up before they selling out.

Finally Figured Out How to PROPERLY Tie the Merovingian Knot

Trial and error is a wonderful teacher. Frustrating, but wonderful.

After several attempts over the course of a few weeks or possibly months I finally nailed the technique and steps for tying the Lambert Knot, also known as the Merovingian Wrap Knot. Some have called it the Merovingian Wrap after the character The Merovingian from the last two Matrix films, but this gets confusing because the character wore two different tie knots. I think another name is in order, but that’s for another time and person. Continue reading “Finally Figured Out How to PROPERLY Tie the Merovingian Knot”

Awesome Tie Bar Bundle

Unless you want to give your expensive tie a stab and then get all the loose threads after a few outings, don’t use tie tacks to keep your tie in place.

The best way to stabilize a tie or to lift it a bit and give a bit more Cravat-ish look is a tie clip or tie bar. You can get them as shiny or as matte as you like to suit your mood or outfit.

This tie bar bundle is the best things I’ve found in ages. I’m used to hunting around Etsy for vintage tie bars or hand-crafted models from creative metallurgists, but this bundle is the best deal for the money and the pieces are all good quality.

B+ Recommended …but only because I personally still prefer hand-made pieces. 🙂


Review: Kenneth Cole Reaction Dress Shirts for Men

Earlier this week I bought one of these dress shirts, and it fits well (I’m slim built, so fitted is best for me). The Kenneth Cole Reaction dress shirt (check it out) has an awesome fabric and piecing quality (the stripes match all three ways from the sleeve into the cuff).

Compared to similarly-priced shirts from Van Heusen, it’s markedly better quality than the regular Sateen fabric and more in line with the slightly pricier Pin Cord shirt (and fits better too). Continue reading “Review: Kenneth Cole Reaction Dress Shirts for Men”

Where to Buy Ties: How to Save $100 in 5 Minutes

So in the past I’ve bought a particular brand of tie, from a seller in Germany.

The label in question is Lorenzo Cana – and the quality is superb: Beautiful fabric, good hand-made stitching quality, and attention to detail. They’re hand made from Italian silk.

Cheap Lorenzo Cana ties can easily be $50, for a not-very-good-looking one, and up to $120 (And I’ve even seen $199) for the really snappy ones. If you have the money that’s great… you can grab yourself a nice tie. But I don’t have that kind of money floating around, and I’ve recently been checking other places online to buy nice looking ties as well. Continue reading “Where to Buy Ties: How to Save $100 in 5 Minutes”

Which Knot With Which Tie? Matching Tie Knots with Tie Patterns

There are a ton of tie knots out there to toy around with – but primarily we’re dealing with only the awesome ones. Sometimes, you tie a knot but no one notices the knot. Most of the time the reason is because the complexity of the knot is hidden in the detail of the tie… the more detailed the pattern on your tie, the less ‘visual space’ is available for the knot itself. Continue reading “Which Knot With Which Tie? Matching Tie Knots with Tie Patterns”

How to Tie the Han Knot (AKA, the Cape Knot)

The Han, also called the Cape Knot, is a beautiful knot that gets just about the most compliments of any knot you can tie. The universal thing guys say about this knot is that it never fails to get compliments. It’s bold, symmetrical, and pretty easy to tie with a little practice. Continue reading “How to Tie the Han Knot (AKA, the Cape Knot)”

How to Tie the Truelove Knot

The Truelove Knot, which the creator of describes as also a “T” or “+” knot, is one step longer than the Trinity Knot and just as show-stopping if tied correctly. Eliot Truelove is a gentleman who belongs to another era – he looks like he’s stepped right out of a silent movie or a Steampunk novel – a more timeless style, if you will. Kudos, Eliot. Continue reading “How to Tie the Truelove Knot”

Black or Brown? What Shoes to Wear With What Outfit

Brought to you by “The Effortless Gent” this simple guide is a bit basic, but gets the principles across with nothing more than a quick glance. Some of us still need daily reminders, after all. Continue reading “Black or Brown? What Shoes to Wear With What Outfit”