How to Tie the Han Knot (AKA, the Cape Knot)

han tie knot instructions

The Han, also called the Cape Knot, is a beautiful knot that gets just about the most compliments of any knot you can tie. The universal thing guys say about this knot is that it never fails to get compliments. It’s bold, symmetrical, and pretty easy to tie with a little practice.

The two-part history of the knot goes like this… The Han was originally created and named by a stylish gentleman named Henry Hu, who posted the video tutorial on YouTube in 2007. He mentioned his MySpace account at the time (egads!)… tells you how far back the video goes. The knot was re-discovered by a gentleman named Alex Krasny who created it on his own separately. Alex is a fantastic ambassador for knot tying and I encourage you to follow his knot videos. However, Krasny was unaware of Hu’s video and so he called it the Cape Knot (due to the little cape that hangs down behind the knot). Lately, around Pinterest and assorted style blogs you’ll find the name Cape more prevalent, but I like to give credit where credit is due so I call it the Han.


    • Michael says

      The Cape Knot is the same knot as the Han Knot – they’re identical. The video in this post shows you how, step by step, direct from the guy who first tied it. :)

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